Meet The Team

Benita Stemmet

Health and Safety Representative/ Prayer Warrior

Benita has been with the company for 12 years and is a qualified nurse. She has settled into the company as a Prayer Warrior. She will advise staff on healthy living and natural ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Benita will ensure that the company remain humble and remind everyone of whom we receive our strength. This brings about a healthy and stress free environment.
Qualification: Professional Nurse

Leandre’ Maledu

Leandre’s greatest interest in Human Resource Management has emerged her in constantly trying her utmost in assisting and ensuring that her client’s people management needs are fulfilled.Leandre’ thrives in facilitating communication and finding the strengths of team members to ensure that each team member presents their best and that greater results are delivered. Her academic goals include furthering her studies in Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development.                                Qualification: Human Resource Management

Michelle Petersen

With her HR and Payroll experience Michelle has a very positive attitude towards achieving her goals. She is very determined and dedicated when it comes to completing her tasks.

She sees her clients as her priority and wishes to give them the best clientele services in their HR needs. With the practical experience she has received, she plans on furthering her studies in Human Resource Management.                                                          Qualification: Human Resource Management

Harold Melvin Stemmet

Managing Member

Human Resource & Industrial Relations

TLC was founded by Harold M. Stemmet, who has more than 25 years of experience in the Human Resource and Labour Industries. The experience build-up over a period of time in various industries combined with his studies has allowed him to help companies to obtain the best solution for the specific entity. Currently he consults from the small companies to corporate clients. He believes in building a relationship with his clients and also studies each business to maintain a high standard of advice to ensure that companies will not unnecessary land themselves in CCMA. He is also the external chairperson for disciplinary hearings.

Fidelia Freeman

Fidelia thrives to deliver excellent service to all Time and Labour Consultants clients. She has a passion for working with people and that has driven her to study Human Resource Management.  With her practical knowledge and experience that she is receiving from Time and Labour Consultants, she can now approach her clients with maturity and positivity and give each client the satisfaction required. She plans on furthering her studies in Human Resource Management.                                                                            Qualification: Human Resource Management

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