About Time and Labour Consultants

Time and Labour Consultants (TLC) was founded in Cape Town by Harold M. Stemmet who has more than 25 years of experience in the Human Resource and Labour Industries. Beginning as a payroll trade company, TLC has successfully grown into a fully functional Human Resource service provider focussed on the unique local marketplace. With a strong background and familiarity with the field, as well as highly qualified trained staff, TLC is fully capable of accommodating and representing the needs of the South African people.

TLC firmly prioritises fairness within the working environment and recognises the diverse needs of our clients and customers. Committed to continuous self-improvement, we are eager to break down barriers to deliver superior performance and achieve positive end results. Prioritising our client’s needs, we provide our clients with a competitive advantage by enabling them to focus on their core business. TLC’s Human Resource professionals ensure labour stability and disciplined labour force, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and achieved success.


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