Human Resource (HR) Solutions

Time and Labour Consultants offers clients a diverse range of human resource solutions designed to break down barriers and achieve goals smoothly. We pay meticulous attention to the requirements of our clients and deliver a service tailored to make ends meet, and promote growth and success.

Human Resource Management

We provide the following services to ensure companies operate efficiently and effectively:

  • Temporary employment services
  • Drawing of contracts specific to industry
  • Induction of Company Rules and Policies
  • Drawing of Policies and Procedures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Assisting company to ensure compliance with specific bargaining council or DOL
  • Assist with Retrenchment process
  • Reference Checking
  • Acts as an external Human Resource Department


We assist with the following services to ensure companies place the correct candidate in their organisation:

  • Placing of ads on various forms of media
  • Screening of CVs
  • Short listing of Candidates
  • Interviewing and Selection Process
  • Reference Checking

Payroll and Payroll Administration

We provide the following services:

  • Processing of monthly Salaries
  • Processing of weekly Wages
  • Processing EMP201 and EMP501
  • Loading new employees to master file
  • Processing of financial year
  • Liaise with various bargaining council on behalf of client

Business Management

We assist with the following services to ensure companies are compliant:

  • Registration of Business
  • Registration of Business for UIF
  • Registration for WCA
  • Registration with various bargaining councils
  • Provident Fund Administration

Occupational Health and Safety

We ensure that companies are equip with the necessary knowledge and procedures by offering the following services:

  • Compiling of Health and Safety file
  • Drawing up of Health and safety Plan
  • Assist with Health and Safety Appointments as per Occupational health and Safety Act
  • Coordination of Health and Safety committee, Committee meetings and training
  • Administration of WCA claims

Industrial Relations

Time and Labour Consultants assist with the following services to minimise misconduct and conflict within the workplace:

  • Drawing of Disciplinary File
  • Compiling Disciplinary Procedure according to company requirements
  • Assist clients with Disciplinary Process
  • Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings
  • Drawing up of Grievance Policy
  • Chairing of Grievance Hearings
  • Counselling of Poor performance
  • Advice to deal with CCMA and Bargaining Councils cases.

Employment Equity

We assist companies to become compliant with the Employment Equity Act by offering the following services:

  • Compiling Employment Equity File
  • Drawing up and monitoring of Employment Equity Plan
  • Coordination of Employment equity committee, committee meetings and training
  • Submission of Employment Equity EEA2 and EEA4

Skills Development

We assist companies to become compliant with the Skills Development Act by offering the following services:

  • Compiling of Training File
  • Assisting with Discretionary Grant applications with various Seta’s
  • Submission of WSP and ATR for various Seta’s’

Accounting and Tax

We have various accounting aspects available to assist businesses to concentrate on their core function. This ranges from assisting with PAYE to setting up of financials for the business.


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